Textiles, lighting and decor for the style of the French province.

Country style always gravitates to the use of natural fabrics and Provence is no exception. The most common fabrics are — cotton, linen and a simple chintz. The most popular print of rural style — flower, plant. Of these fabrics are made covers for cushions, curtains, tablecloths for a large dining table. Window openings are sometimes drape with curtains with interceptions, rarely used brushes and ruffles. Blankets for beds are usually quilted, made of the same natural materials. It is in a country-style interiors you can see the decoration and accessories made with your own hands, here they look quite appropriate.

As to the lighting system of the premises in Provence style, wall fixtures and chandeliers, usually forged, or colored in white or in a dark tone to impart interior contrast. Shades of standard and table lamps are often made of fabric with a bright floral print.

As decor of rooms in the style of Provence are used not only paintings of landscapes and still lifes, but wicker baskets, graceful candlesticks, lace napkins (often made with your own hands). For decoration of the mirrors are used forged or carved frames, often painted. In the kitchens premises decor is often a beautiful pottery, exhibited on display on open shelves.
Very often in the design of premises in the style of Provence can be seen the image of the cock — the symbol of France. It may be just a statuette or a picture on the wall, even drawing on the facade of a piece of furniture. French are extremely patriotic and try to show this in the most everyday manifestations. Therefore, cocks mostly can be found in the kitchen and dining areas.

In the interiors of French province there are a lot of fresh and dried flowers — in vases and pots, large outdoor tubs and wall pots, and just as the herbarium on the walls. The special charm of the rural rooms here are partly based on the natural elements of the decor.