Indian Style House Plans 1200 Sq Ft

The Indian style is a combination of luxury, gold, a delicacy and a delicate taste to asceticism, modesty, simplicity of lines and forms. Cocktail of ornaments, flowers, drawings and invoices, the magnificent carved and inlaid furniture reflect the Indian style.

General characteristic of the Indian style

India is the country of spices, spices, aromas of cinnamon, sandal-wood tree, carnation, cardamom, the country where spiritual aspect of life means everything where the belief and religion are the cornerstone of the schedule and the organization of all life.

The Indian style is turquoise, crimson, orange colors, and absolutely unique in own way. The Indian silk to the touch not such smooth and slippery as Chinese, it is a little rough.

Furniture in the Indian Style House Plans 1200 Sq Ft is low, cut in manual of very strong tree a tic. Sofas and beds have to be soft and convenient, disposing to a dream. For an interior basis in the Indian style it is quite enough of three — four pieces of furniture, but they have to be combined on color.

Probably, it is better to begin a conversation on the Indian interior with color as the choice of color

has huge value. What colors it is better «to attract» to decoration of internal rooms of the dwelling as different colors will interact with each other and with home decoration, and, they will exert the main thing, what impact on hosts, everything is taken into account.

Color, pattern – definitely main tools for creation of the Indian style in the European house which assumes the appendix of a courageous palette. So it developed traditionally and it is widespread in the Indian architectural culture. Bright rich green color is most widely used in the Indian interior. Color of pulp of muscat pumpkin – reddish-orange – is not less popular as however, in general, all shades of red.

Walls are big and best canvas for art experiments, they can be painted in yellow, gold, turquoise, lime colors, but can be and neutral or in warmer terrestrial colors – color of a curry, dark brown, sand.

In general Indian house surprisingly colorful. Red, turquoise, green and yellow colors are supplemented white and natural terracotta tones. But at the same time it is necessary to consider a proper correlation of the main tones and natural. Colors have to welcome, but not dominate.

Warm colors tend «to seize attention» and to fill with presence. While cool shades – turquoise, greens create illusion of open space.

The Indian situation dictates presence of natural stuffed fabrics with flower ornaments, drawings of animals or a decorative ornament of a tear-shaped form, one of names of which «the Indian cucumber». Fabrics can «participate» as bed covers, covers for pillows, curtains or portieres and they will help to create style, first of all.