Furniture for rural style of southern France.

Furniture for the French country style, however, as for any other national manifestations of this stylistic movement, is selected wooden, wicker or wrought iron. No chrome or plastic elements of furniture, modern accessories and attributes. Furniture made of solid wood — is a very expensive pleasure, so you can compromise and purchase, for example, kitchen cabinets made of MDF or particle board, but only with the appropriate design — a decent imitation of wood or paint.

If you decide to issue one or more rooms in your apartment in a country house in Provence style and want to save some money, then a great option for you would be the revival of the old furniture. In the interior style of the French provinces antique furniture is often in the same room with new furniture, but with a specially painted and aged using scuffs, picks and even chips.

Despite its massiveness, furniture for style of Provence looks lighter and more refined than the same furniture in different styles of country. For bedroom furniture are often used wrought-iron beds with abundant decoration, painted, usually in white color. Light and airy constructions, in spite of the large size, look not only attractive, but at the same time thoroughly.

But the main feature of the furniture in the style of French rural life are various chests of drawers, cabinets, cupboards and display cases. Mezzanine and drawers, hinged doors with glass inserts — all the furniture is thorough, reliable, made of wood and painted in pastel colors (sometimes with elements of aging). Sometimes, on the facades of cabinets and pantries can be seen emblazonment with flower or animalistic motives.
Furniture for the dining area is always solid and massive. Dining group usually consists of a large wooden table, often threaded on beautiful, massive legs. Chairs can be classic, with upholstered seats and backs, sometimes with armrests. In the set can be used chairs of different shades, upholstery material, but close in terms of design.

As to upholstery, in the «classical» style of Provence, it is rarely monotonous and light, often with a pattern (usually floral), striped, dull cells. However, modern versions of the interiors in the French provincial style may contain absolutely monotonous textile of upholstery in pastel colors.
Upholstered furniture for the living room is usually quite simple, sometimes are even used wicker chairs, from the category of garden furniture, but always with an abundance of pillows. Sometimes for armchairs and sofas is used cut of covers «with a skirt.» Such lovely details give rustic style an even more home and comfortable appearance.