Finishing of the rooms in the style of French country.

One of the most common options for walls in premises in the style of Provence — plaster, which is often specifically applied uneven and rough. In modern design projects tend to use a colored decorative plaster for finishing the vertical surfaces. Bright tone not only visually expands the space, refreshing environment, fills the room with a sense of purity and freedom, but also serves as an excellent background for any decor.
Another interesting way to finish walls — veneer with wood paneling. In the style of Provence it is usual to paint wood white, sometimes in any pastel shade with drawing abrasions. In Russian country finishing board appears before us in its natural color.

If we talk about the walls, of, for example, kitchens premises, they may be wholly or partly covered with ceramic tiles or mosaics. Most often, a tiled finish is used for decoration of the kitchen backsplash.
Often in the design of walls in country style are used elements of the design and architecture of the room, for example — logs. Most often, they are not stained, but only treated with special paints and sprays for protection against moisture and insect pests. Such structural elements not only look original and attractive, but also make the interior unique, soaked with rustic temperament, regularity of rural life.

As a rule, ceiling in a room with country-styling has a light color and whitewash in combination with wooden beams. Sometimes beams of dark wood play the role of contrast for light finishing of the ceiling. But there are also versions with white-washed ceiling beams, deliberately aged.
Ceiling beams in the interior style of French country are not so much a structural element as a decorative one. Roughness and wormholes of the wood which hardly underwent treatment (that is the impression one gets) are the center of focus of attention.
Ceilings of living rooms or dining rooms can contain ceiling moldings and ceiling cornices. But this decor of the room will look like aged, archaic. This ceiling decoration can change even the simple rural interior and raise its status, respectability and aesthetics of visual appeal.