Provence in the interior.

Provence — is a provincial style in the interior, which is often called «French country». It got its name in honor of the same region, which is located in the south of France, which is known for the incredible nature. French know a lot about beauty, so their «invention» is popular and French rustic chic has entered the homes of millions of people around the world! It gives the opportunity to experience Provence in a light atmosphere and feel the fresh taste of rural life. But it is worth noting that this style is suitable for not only the design of country houses, but also of city apartments. Bedroom, kitchen or dining room, in the style of «French Country» will be filled with romantic and extremely pleasant atmosphere.

«French country» certainly has a number of features that set it apart from other styles, for example, it is the use of artificially aged furniture, rough surfaces, rough plastered walls, light and airy color palette. It may seem that this does not fit the interior of their home, that it will not fit into the overall concept due to its possible rudeness and lack of luster. But this view is mistaken: if you combine all of these features of Provence, you get a very nice and very comfortable interior — a real piece of France in your home.
As for the surface decoration of walls, ceilings and floors, here are permissible roughness, cracks. Even uneven plaster walls is a plus. The latter, incidentally, can be issued as with wallpaper and decorative plaster or wood paneling. The most popular materials for the flooring — this is, of course, flooring, natural stone or decorative tiles. Do not use carpet or linoleum, because they do not peculiar to this style. The only thing that may be — is the use of luxurious carpets with long pile, that bring even more comfort and warmth to the interior of the house.

One of the key elements of Provence is the use of textiles. Window curtains usually do not have complex draperies, but at this, they are usually decorated with a beautiful pattern. Also, this style is characterized by the use of all kinds of handicrafts. Embroidered tablecloths, napkins and lovely woven rugs will perfectly complement the interior and set the necessary accents.

The favorite element of Provence style is the old furniture. It is not necessary to climb up to the attic and take out a table covered with a thick layer of dust. You can buy furniture that was aged artificially. This option is ideal for those people who want to design the interior in the style of Provence, but are not ready to put the furniture of their great-great-grandmothers on public. The most successful material will, of course, be wood. It will bring warmth, comfort to the interior and create a very comfortable atmosphere. Also in the interior in the style of Provence will good fit wicker furniture, and massive chests and baskets, wall cabinets and benches.