Site preparation for deck.

For the construction of wooden platform first trace the perimeter of the area for deck with with rope and pegs. If the arrangement will not stand on stilts, and rest on the ground, the site must be leveled and well compacted.
When clamping the deck on the lawn or turfed site, it is recommended to take of the sod from the planned site for the platform, and to cover the soil with a solid piece of black polyethylene film to inhibit the growth of grass and other vegetation under the future deck.

If the land under the deck is soaked with water, then before laying the harness it is recommended to make the backsheet of crushed stone or gravel thickness of about 2.5 cm. This pillow will not only protect the platform against the ingress of moisture, but also compensate the vibration that occurs when walking on deck . Then you can start building strapping.

The construction of piping
Construction of the deck begins with the construction of the frame trim. Then on it is metered the length of the longitudinal and transverse beams inside the frame, saw off the beams of desired length and fasten to the frame. To prevent the rust are employed anodized brackets and fastening means. Rust will not only spoil the overall appearance, but also reduces the strength of the structure. The beams inside the piping must be located exactly parallel to each other with the distance between them not more than 50 cm.

In the construction of the deck on a sloping site, which it is too time-consuming to fully align, it is possible to put one side of the binding to the ground, and the other to rely on piles. Piles are made of timber, the ends of which are fixed in holes, pouring concrete or spread brick columns.
As the construction of piping, make sure that it is firmly resting on the ground or stilts and remained in a strictly horizontal plane. If under the beams of tying are pits and irregularities, they must be eliminated, otherwise a ready platform will vibrate when walking on it.
Make sure also to prevent warping of the frame. For this you can measure the distance between diagonally opposite corners of strapping. The length of the two diagonals must be the same.

The type of wood for the deck depends on the commodity supply and climate zone. Most of the species of sold wood need regular painting, varnishing, treating with preservatives. Some species should be simply covered with flax oil.