Decorative finishing of the deck.

Elements of decorative finish will help to add interest and appeal to your deck. Light shed will protect from the sun in the heat and permanently built benches, tables, cutting tables will help to create a summer dining outdoors.
Railing — another useful part of the platform, giving it an extra reliability and safety. Trellis, light partitions will help to retire on the deck and take shelter from the wind.

In recent years, in the gardens are increasingly used pergolas, as elements of the composition, emphasizing decorativeness and naturalness of quiet corners of the garden.

Although the main function of the pergola is considered to ensure pedestrian passage between the different parts of the garden, its construction combines perfectly with the platform-deck.
Pergola — is a full set design of repeating sections, arches, connected by transverse bars. For its construction are used dry oak or pine beams, soaked by preservatives. If it is erected as one of the decorative elements of the deck, the material from which it is made, should be in harmony with the wood of the platform.

Originally pergolas were constructed over the vineyards to maintain the vines and facilitate harvest. And today, pergolas are often cased wild grapes and hops, honeysuckle, in the south — roses, cultivated grapes. The design should differ with strength, vines creates a greater load under the gusts of strong wind.

Pergolas are particularly relevant on the deck, hosted from the sunny side of the house or in the open area. Protection from the hot rays of the sun lies in its very structure, which is especially useful during the hot summer months. In the shade of green climbing plants can be installed garden benches, turning the platform into a shady, inaccessible for windswept place to relax outdoors.

In the construction of pergolas it is important to respect proportions. Ideally, the design should be slightly larger in width than in height, but may be in the form of a square cross section. If the height of pergolas significantly exceeds its width, the design looks unsustainable, especially when on top it is wrapped with plants.