Wooden platforms (decks)

If your garden is located on the hill of an alternative to inner cobbled courtyard will inevitably become a wooden platform. Such a construction is not only able to extend the space of the house, but will also allow you to build up the land, unfit for use. Where the soil is rocky, where it all the time sags or in humid weather turns into dirty slush, wooden platform — is an ideal solution.

Wooden platform, raised above the ground, or as it is also called, deck is not just for difficult terrain. For example, deck, raised at the dais, according to the type of platform, will come in handy in the garden at any time of the year. Deck can be an alternative to the veranda on the ground floor, it can be extended and on the upper floors; you can enclose outdoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a tree house with a deck, deck can also construct a children’s playground.

Garden on sloping terrain — is an excellent opportunity to build a multi-tiered deck. This construction has the effect of terracing the land (or earth terraces), it is — extra space for recreation, games and entertainment. Decks-layers are built in a graded succession and have a very nice look. Deck, built near the house can be moved in the patio, connected to it with several steps. Or vice versa — deck can replace a patio properly using a nearby hill.
Decorative trim will be useful for deck, as well as for a patio. Light shed will protect from the sun in the heat and permanently built benches, tables, cutting tables — a great solution for summer kitchen.

Railing — another useful part of the platform, giving it more reliability. Trellis, light partitions will help to retire on the deck and take shelter from the wind.

Of course, wooden platform is appropriate not near any house. It is especially useful for home-pagoda and other buildings made in the landscape style, the style of rapprochement with nature. Deck-platform fits good into a «wild» garden.

There are many ways of the construction of wooden walkways, most of them are affordable even for a mediocre carpenter. Piles lifting the deck above the ground, as a rule, are made of timber or spread brick columns. Flooring itself — of planed boards — rests on the longitudinal and transverse beams.

Type of wood depends on the commodity supply and climate zone. Most of the species of sold wood need regular painting, varnishing, treating with preservatives, some species are simply enough to be covered with flax oil. To prevent rust are employed anodized brackets and fastening means. Rust not only spoils the overall appearance, but also harms the strength of the structure.