Bouquets in the interior

Bouquets in the interior are an important decorative element that can create at home atmosphere of a special mood. This is an excellent opportunity to convey your emotions, what you live with and what you feel, in the design of the room of your house or apartment. At that composition of floral arrangements offers tremendous scope for imagination and realization of the most creative ideas. The main thing — to take into account the most important rules that will allow you perfectly fit them into any interior.

Complete Practical Guide
Traditions of interior decoration with bouquet compositions have deep roots. In 19th century, knowledge of the meanings of flower combinations was a part of etiquette, and in the East people from ancient times attached special importance to flowers and their location in the interior. One has only to recall the traditional Japanese ikebana, in each of which you can see a desire to express beauty and harmony with nature subtly combine with a hidden philosophical overtones. These decorative compositions permit to make magical charm of the wildlife to the house. But it is important to consider the compatibility of the plants themselves and their harmony with the overall design of the rooms, as well as individual preferences of tenants of the house / apartment.

Selecting a vase
When drawing up an exclusive composition you should particularly careful select a vessel for its placement.
• The simpler is the coloring of the vase, the more vibrant and multi-faceted colors of flowers can be used for the composition, which will be placed in it.
• Massive cups will well suit to accommodate dry bouquets. Crystal vases are ideal for roses, peonies. Small compositions of wild flowers can be placed in small vases of ceramics.
• Single high roses and orchids are best to be positioned in an elegant tall vase, which should be put on the low bedside table or even on the floor. Jars with wide neck will fit perfectly for lilac or jasmine.
It is important so that the flowers and any capacity for them were in harmony with the style of your home.

Location in the interior
Classic version — a lush bouquet would be relevant on any furniture: table, shelf or coffee table, the main thing — to take into account its dimensions. The shorter stems of the flowers, the higher can be positioned such a floral arrangement. Small bouquets are not relevant for large spacious rooms. For example, forget-me-nots will just get lost in the background of a spacious living room.

A small but voluminous bouquet of a spherical shape is best to be positioned in the center of the table. For unilateral compositions a successful variant is placement in a corner or a niche with lighting, like oriental ikebana. Bouquet with drooping stems are better to be positioned on the edge of a desk or dresser. Flower baskets will look beautiful on the table, especially if they lay under the embroidered cloth. It is important to bear in mind that the plant to be used in bouquets, should not distract from the beauty of the interior. On the contrary, they should emphasize its originality and all other benefits.