Country house in Art Nouveau Style.

When planning the architectural style of a modern country house, many architects are turning to the building traditions of the past with its immaculate proportions and inner harmony. Today, among the styles modern, or as it is also called «Art-nouveau» has not the last place. What is this style and how it is characterized?

Art Nouveau emerged in the late XIX — early XX century. «Modern» is in translation from the Latin means — new and modern. Creators of this style have inserted all the best achievements of the past and the most exquisite ideas of his time in it.

Modern in architecture is demanded even now because this style, that proclaimed its manifest «harmony of use and beauty,» — is one of the most synthetic in the transfer of forms and harmonious styles. Easily recognizable features of modernity are — smooth lines, flowing into each other, repeating the perfection of natural plant forms. Art Nouveau architecture is able to turn every building into a work of art that attracts attention with unusual forms and original decor. Lines of ornament twist — and terminate, plannings are complicated, internal organization of spaces is characterized by many turns, ups and downs. Exterior of the house combines simplicity and dynamism of the general composition with elegance of individual parts and beauty of the curved shape.
Contemporary Art Nouveau style is very suitable for country houses, because it here the architect’s imagination goes beyond narrow confines of a city apartment: individual building provides almost unlimited possibilities for creating the most daring projects both in the planning and formulation and in the design and decoration.

Country house in Art Nouveau style — is an ensemble that combines at once a lot of expressive means. Flowing forms, a smooth curve and characteristic decoration in the form of curls and twisted lines form a general harmonious composition; in addition, an important role in the expression of style play facing materials. If it is ceramic tiles, then it should be with characteristic pattern: geometric or with draughtsmanship of spirals and curls, a successful stylistic feature can be tiled tiles or panels on the central facade.

Modern promotes individuality, as well as a century ago, modern house in this style provides comfort, warmth and bright, memorable architecture. Implementation of the project of the cottage in style of modern demands of creativity and the ability of non-standard perception of familiar things from the architect and the customer.