Artificial and dried flowers in the interior: an alternative to fresh flowers.

Flower bouquets — a worthy adorn in any interior. But they also have disadvantages. For example, if someone in the family is allergic to pollen, such beauty, will rather harm than make you happy. Here artificial bouquets for the interior come to the aid, they are capable of making a special «flavor» harmless to the health of unity with nature. They do not require a complex care, but their beauty can not be worse than that of the fresh flowers, because modern technology can make miracles.
A good alternative to the bouquet will also serve interior decoration with dry bouquets. This tradition gradually moved to Europe from the East. The best thing for such purposes is to dry marigold, rose, lavender as the least fragile and most spectacular after drying plants. It is desirable to collect only blossoming flowers. Also for decorative purposes will well suit pieces of wheat, different leaves and twigs.

Features of the location in the house
Most bouquets are appropriate in the hallway, but will also be relevant for the living room and bedroom. If we consider the variant of the kitchen, it is only in a country style. Glass vases are not appropriate for artificial and dried flower combinations, except when the stems of such flowers are masked using moss. It is best to use vessels made of natural materials. The lower part of the vase or pitcher can be decorated with sprinkle sand and pebbles. You can also use these original decorative compositions in collages and panels.

Bouquets in the room create a sense of harmonious neighborhood with nature and help to be closer to it, even in a city apartment. Correctly composed composition and well-chosen vase for it — the cornerstone to success of this decorative element in any interior.
• Even a single flower in the living room is able to concentrate attention on the core areas.
• bedroom space is not worth overloading with floral decoration. A small bouquet of lavender will be enough.
• You should be especially cautious when using such decor in the nursery, it is better to avoid it.
• Simple and unpretentious flowers will be appropriate in the kitchen. It is best to place them on the shelves and in niches. Ideal variant — exquisite flower baskets.

How correctly make a bouquet?
• It is better to cut flowers in the morning or in the evening.
• Be sure to cut the stems at angle.
• It is undesirable to put cut flowers adjacent to the fruit.
• In no case large and small flowers can be combined in a single composition.
• Do not place roses with carnations and daffodils — with tulips.
• Bouquets on the long tradition must contain an uneven number of elements.