Shutters: new — it’s good revised old.

Referring to the traditions of Russian architecture in the context of the arrangement of the windows can not fail to notice that everywhere, and in a simple huts, and in rich palaces windows certainly were equipped with shutters. Despite the fact that modern architects do not often use this element in their projects, we can not say that the shutters are completely forgotten. They mutate, transforming and changing the design according to current trends, but continue to perform their main functions — to protect windows from damage, sunlight and the invasion of enemies. And even in the conditions of Russian climate are further tasked heat salvage.
As you can see, shutters can be very useful both in a private home or apartment in the city, especially as modern window industry offers consumers a variety of options for all the shutters. If before they were attached only outside, but now they are fixed in space, as well as balconies and loggias, which allows their use in apartment buildings.

Which can be modern shutters
Shutters have a plurality of different characteristics and, consequently, are classified according to various parameters. Thus, material for their manufacture may serve as metal, wood or plastic. The choice of material depends on the site of attachment of window elements, their functions, and participate in the design of the room or facade.

Structurally, the shutters can be deaf and those which let the daylight. In the first case, they are a continuous web, in the second — going from horizontal slats, still enshrined at a certain angle. In a sense, such duplicate functions blinds shutters, protecting the room from the bright sun and letting in diffused daylight. Lack transmits light shutters is that they are not in any way involved in the conservation of heat in the room. Recently, the market offers a hybrid solution — shutters with rotating slats. Thus, the design combines the functions of the shutters and blinds, can become dull or translucent. However, on the thermal insulation it is not affected.
Regarding the protection from invasion of intruders, to protect plastic windows from that are only capable reliable external shutters. It designs, which are mounted inside the room, not subject to such requirements — their goal is usually to protect the room from the sun. In addition, internal shutters — this is an important decorative element that attracts the attention of the interior.