Plastic window shutters on the country house windows: design ideas

Plastic shutters — is the most common type of window decoration of a country house or a country house. Some people believe that the shutters — this is a relic of the past. Perhaps a few decades ago it was, but to date this kind of decorating the window opening is at the peak of his popularity.

Shutters on the windows can be divided into two main types:
Some newer models of these structures are equipped with a special system of remote control, thanks to which even when the window is closed, you can close or open them, thus creating a room right light effect. In addition, plastic shutters are made of modern, durable material that, even if the owner is not home, will reliably protect the open windows from penetration of outsiders.

Plastic shutters, or, as they are called, louvered design that looks like the classic plastic blinds. Mounted these constructions made of plastic rather quickly — they are inserted directly into the window opening and secured through the use of special metal pins and bolts.
This type of plastic designs popular for window decoration in apartments that are located on the upper floors of the house.
For suburban mansions and dacha plastic shutters used infrequently.
After all, the main purpose of this type of structures do not protect the premises from unauthorized intrusion and to limit the sunlight into the room in the summer and reduce the impact of frost on windows in the winter cold.

In cottage plastic shutters perform primarily decorative function. For example, due to the ease and versatility of assembly (this type shutters easily attach to a wall of any material of modern building material), they are set as the finishing element of the facade decoration siding or ceramic tiles.

Recommendations in usage
It should be noted that the plastic shutters — is nothing else but a modern decorative element for the facade of the building a country house. In this construction, there is no functional load;
Shutters provide a decorative facade of a beautiful finished look. With a variety of designs is a great opportunity to emphasize the appearance of the window, select it on the background of the facade;
The house, whose windows are decorated with this element looks especially beautiful in the photo, carries a fashionable sense of color;
Plastic shutters can be ordered in any size, depending on the size of the window opening. And the simplicity of installation and versatility of this kind of construction gives an opportunity to install them in the window opening, even without special skills;
Shutters can be used as the original light filters.