It is no secret that the windows in a particular dwelling is an important element of the interior. Through window openings in the apartment gets sunshine. And at the same time with light enters the room needed for human health solar energy. The windows are decorated house — of course, provided that adorned themselves. When repairing old facilities or the design of a new recall of such non-standard and infrequent method of processing windows, as internal shutters. Firstly, there are today multi-valvular shutters, secondly, addition of wood in their manufacture have been successfully used metal and plastic, and third, in a modern house shutters are used not only for windows, but also on the door.
Several centuries ago in the medieval Europe, the windows were closed with shutters, which in the north protected by fans of easy money, and in the south (in Provence, Spain, Morocco) and another from the scorching midday sun. And in order to shutters even in the closed state still transmits light, they were made of horizontal rails — slats inserted in the frame at an angle to penetrate only the light but not curious glances neighbors. Gradually we moved into the house shutters, becoming part of the interior.
If the outer walls` function is mainly protective, then the internal long been considered by designers as part of the decor in the interior. But not only. We can say that the shutters operate in the house several functions: decorative, protective, light control, and that is important for the Russian climate, heat shield.

The shutters can completely transform not only the space around the window, but all of your home, give it a unique, original appearance. They successfully regulate light and heat the home environment — a design shutters makes it easy to hold back the heat of the sun and winter cold. This design of the windows can also help you get rid of the ugly kind of windows. In addition shutters improve sound insulation space, create a sense of security, can reduce the noise coming from the street, retire to his room to hide from prying eyes.

Sash shutters can be solid plank, with smooth or ribbed panels, with window-blind like gratings both rigid and adjustable. The latter are very convenient because they allow air to penetrate into the room, blocking the path of direct sunlight.

Many shutters attached to the village home, a life: closed it — and the room comfortable silence and gloom, break open the shutters — and the room will waft the evening coolness, the smell of grass and the river … So, probably, and designers especially often use this element in the interior of country or, as it is called in the West, in a rustic style. Often (and quite naturally) shutters are present in the interior Mediterranean style. After all, in the southern countries, in warm climates, they provide a cool saving of sun.