Rest Zones in The Garden

Since the appointment of recreational areas create comfortable conditions for leisure, rest from work in the area, a cozy conversation in the cool and quiet, the choice of a place to organize it very is very important. In order subsequently not to have to redo sitting area and use it with pleasure, define the basic requirements.

This site, arranged just above the ground level, or on the level with it. It all depends on the landscape in your area, and if it has swings and roughness, use it in the construction of a raised terrace. Terrace, usually adjacent to one of the walls of the house or encircling the perimeter. A distinctive feature of the terrace is the absence of walls and roof, allowing to rest outdoors from spring to fall.

You should choose the most beautiful place of the suburban area for it. And be sure that it is shading. A pond or waterfall placed nearby will give the natural coolness and freshness . Even a small troughs for birds and butterflies enliven the atmosphere of the gazebo. Place the construction on a hill with spectacular view of the river, a blooming meadow or a pine forest. Gazebos can be of various shapes and made of different materials. Circular, polygonal, with or without a roof, made of wood, stone, forged constructions, fabric panels, bamboo and combinations of these materials. Arbor can look like pergolas, which consists of several arched structures, interconnected by bridges. Having started on the walls laced vines can be converted into a wonderful building green corridor and ensure the privacy of the inner rooms.

This is a luxurious house continuation. This «room under the open sky» is mostly built in the zone adjacent to the house. Patio was invented by inhabitants of the Mediterranean. In the classic version patio is a comfortable and beautifully equipped backyard, which gives a sense of security, tranquility, comfort and represents an elegant building, located in the midst of the walls, galleries, trellises, pergolas, hedges. Patio necessarily has a solid surface: stone, concrete, tile, wood.

If pool became the area of active recreation, then coating should not be slippery, it should be easy to walk on it after leaving the pool. Recreational places are placed partially in the sun, partially in shade. Fence is necessary for the sport (play) zone.