Landscape Of Cottage and Suburban Area.

Let’s specify some basic rules in the design of the landscape.
I. Maintaining of a reasonable balance between the natural pattern of the site and of its artificial constituents.
Be sure to consider the properties of the soil, local climate. Palm trees and other subtropical plants will look strange in the neighborhood of oaks and lindens. It is also important to take into account the combination of vegetation architecture. The crowns of trees and shrubs can «sink» the beauty of the facade outlines, and vice versa emphasize the architectural style of the house. For example, if to the building in medieval style adjoins the park or garden, do not miss the opportunity to put vines on the walls that will organically «connect» the site in the harmonious picture.

II. Relief features of suburban area.
Everybody loves geometric patterns of the tracks, but not everyone understands that they are good for the flat surface of the earth. An uneven surface with uneven elevations is suitable for stepped cascades or terraces. In such an embodiment will particularly look well fountains or flowing sloping water. The beauty of the plain can be emphasized with the mirror smooth surface of a pond or swimming pool. In the «flat» background stands out artistic beauty of sculptures.

III. Greenery

Of course, manicured lush green lawns make the site more beautiful. In order that they look that way is needed laying of the underground communications with the irrigation system. Designer performs the planting according to all agro-technical requirements. Soil analysis concerning need of specific fertilizers and chemical processing is made, water samples are held. In some cases, designers are advised to replace the top soil with more fertile ground. Then the choice of grass. Usually lawns are seeded with several species of perennial herbaceous plants, so the lawn remained permanently green.

IV. Flowering plants
The most common decorating of the landscape — with the help of colors. A big flower bed, flowers in which are planted sorted by color will give expressiveness to the site. But there is a catch. It is important to carefully consider the floral arrangement, in order not to turn a flower bed into a field booth. Flower beds themselves can be arranged bright and unusual, even using old furniture. A professional designer will undoubtedly offer interesting solutions for the landing of colors according to your taste preferences and architectural drawing area.