Making recreation area at the dacha.

Making the recreation area on the site involves planting and adding accessories. When planting, consider the illumination of the recreation area and its protection from winds. If the rest area in the country is in deep shadow, you plant shade-tolerant species, and if it is in an open area, do not put windfall trees and shrubs. Plants for shady areas, as a rule, do not differ with abundant flowering, but they have very beautiful foliage. The plants that withstand shading are ageratum, Adonis (Adonis), nasturtium, cineraria, forget-me, hollyhock, daisy, petunia, Mattioli bicornuate, Nemesia, foxglove, tobacco and pansy (viola), marigold (tagetesy), cornflower (annual); phlox, dead-nettle, Heuchera, host, knotweed, Brunner arabis, bugle (ayuga), saxifrage, aconite (wrestler), Ligularia, bloodroot, daylily, mignonette, primrose, lily of the valley, goldenrod (Solidago), Cyclamen; ferns. A recreation area in the country is often decorated with beautiful flowering shrubs. It looks very impressive, but if you spend enough time in a recreation area, consider that plants with a strong odor can cause allergies. The most beautiful and popular shrubs are rose, spirea, rhododendron, mock orange (often called ‘Jasmine’), lilac. Barberry and euonymus look beautifully. Flowers with bright flavor — sage, lavender, catnip (catmint), thyme, lily, alyssum, carnation, peony, hyacinth, sweet peas, Mattioli, Phlox paniculata. If you have small children, don’t decorate the recreation area with prickly (wild rose, barberry, hawthorn) or toxic (snowberry, elderberry, hydrangea, clematis, aconite (wrestler), backache (sleep-grass), crocus (kolhikum) and other) plants.

Improvement of the recreation area — is a fascinating creative process. Often, in a recreation area, you can see the unusual accessories and home furnishings — a lace tablecloth, embroidered pillows in the arbor, dishes or vases of fantastic shapes. Design of the place for rest in the country — is an important point; accessories (suspension, bells, summer figures), combination of different materials and textiles will help to make the sitting areas cozy.

Do not forget about lighting in a recreation area. A variety of modern lamps and lighting fixtures allow you to select the appropriate option for your garden.