Kitchen backsplash

Which to make a backsplash for the kitchen, comparison of popular materials and tips — in this review.
For your convenience, we compared all of the most popular materials for finishing the backsplash area to 6 criteria. It is important to pay attention to them when choosing an option that is best suited for you. For details, see below.

What is kitchen backsplash?
This word is referred to the surface of the wall above the work table-top upper and lower cupboards of kitchen units. Its main task — to protect the wall from moisture, hot steam, fumes, grease, splashes and any contamination. Most often, the entire wall if finished with backsplash, but you may want to restrict the protective inserts only in the area of the stove and sink.

Optimal sizes
On average height of the kitchen backsplash ranges from 48 to 60 centimeters. The height of your backsplash depends on two important things: your height and type of the stove.
If you have low height, you will be more comfortable hanging lockers lower, respectively, the backsplash will also be low.
If your kitchen has a gas stove, keep in mind: the distance between the hob and hood should be 75-80 centimeters.

4 Important Tips

1. When planning sizes of the backsplash, note: it should go a couple of centimeters at the top, and under the upper cabinets and under counter.

2. The joint between the backsplash and the worktop is highly desirable to protect with the skirting board and treat with silicone sealant. Without it, the water will flow behind floor cabinets and the back wall of fiberboard with time will swell and deform, and fungus will grow freely on the wall.

3. Porous materials, such as unglazed ceramic tiles are not suitable for decoration of the backsplash. Moisture and grease will accumulate in the pores, it is uncomfortable to wash such surface, bacteria will breed on it, and eventually may appear mold.

4. Ideally, backsplash should be smooth and even, with no visible seams and joints. They can get the moisture and dirt, and to clean them is quite difficult and dreary. To avoid problems, seams and joints should be treated with silicone sealant.

If your budget for renovation of the kitchen is limited, you can buy an expensive kitchen furniture with simple smooth facades neutral wallpaper and quiet floor, but to choose more expensive backsplash and make it very decorative. It will pull the entire interior design and will be an emphasis in the interior of your kitchen.