Backsplash in the kitchen: how to make?

Term «kitchen backsplash» refers to the area located between the countertop and the upper rows of cabinets. Designers have long time ago came to the conclusion that this area requires a decoration that will not only dilute the interior design of the kitchen, but also perform a functional purpose — to protect the wall from the spray of water, fat and not only. That is why the question «of what to make a backsplash in the kitchen?» Should be approached comprehensively.

Today there are several types of materials used to create backsplash in the kitchen. The most popular — a ceramic tile, which is characterized by exceptional usability. This backsplash is not afraid of splashes or spots, as they can be removed from the surface effortlessly using conventional detergents. In addition, ceramics throughout the lifetime does not change its aesthetic qualities, and thanks to modern technology in the production process gets absolutely any image that simulates all the way down to the leather and wood. Therefore, where it is necessary to achieve lasting results — ceramic tiles will be very useful.

A more expensive option — a kitchen backsplash made of natural stone. It is more difficult to take care of them due to the relief surface. However, if you need to create a certain style, for example — country, then you should sacrifice practicality for the sake of a decorative element.

Mosaic backsplash, whether glass, ceramic or metal, looks particularly expressive. Depending on the choice of color, mosaic allows you to dilute the kitchen design, make it more dynamic and elegant at the same time. If in the case of ceramic tiles, the wall under it must be aligned in the presence of flaws, the puzzle can be fixed to uneven surfaces.
Another unpretentious material that can be used for kitchen backsplash — is a sheet stainless steel. In addition, it allows you to make a backsplash perfectly flat and smooth, on the light, it has a very beautiful shimmering gloss and harmonizes with any kind of decoration.

As for the glass kitchen backsplash, for these purposes should be used the genua; glass. This backsplash is practical: it is not afraid of pollution, moisture, glass can be easily cleaned. From a decorative point of view — this is again an original variant. For example, glass can be decorated with ornaments or you can place beautiful wallpapers, prints, textiles, decorative plaster under it thus highlighting the interior design.

Alternatively, you can consider kitchen backsplash of MDF. This material is inferior to its peers except for strength properties, it is fairly stable for moisture and mechanical damage. But as MDF is still created on the base of tree, from the point of view of fire safety materials should not be installed in kitchens with gas stoves, but with induction and electric — it is safe. MDF would be the best choice if the kitchen set is made of this material. If desired, backsplash can be easily dismantled and changed to a new one.