What tiles for kitchen backsplash is good for you?

Sizes and characteristics of the tiles for backsplash
Before you buy tiles for the kitchen backsplash, you need to clearly define the size, design and color of ceramic tiles.
The basic material for installation of the backsplash stands tiles of 10×10 cm. On sale is also 20×20 and 20×30 tiles, which is divided into 4 parts and 6, respectively, in the form of 10×10 squares.
For such tiles there are a lot of different decors on the theme of food — fruit, cups, teapots, spoons. With these decors you can lovely decorate a kitchen backsplash.

Technical characteristics of ceramic tiles for kitchen backsplash
Since ceramic tiles for backsplash is constantly affected by various harmful factors, enterprises that manufacture ceramic tiles are making category of such products as tiles for kitchen, with small porosity and be sure to cover with glaze. Thickness of such tiles is 3 — 4 mm.
This tiles has extra protection from chemicals that are contained in a variety of detergents and cleaners. The packaging of such tiles have to be marked with the symbol «AA».

Design of the tiles when creating a backsplash
Kitchen backsplash made of ceramic tiles in addition to its useful features, also serves as a decorative element that carries certain aesthetic load.
Beautifully matched tiles with different decors, can transform the kitchen and make it a place where you can not only eat or drink tea but chat with relatives and friends.

Criteria for selection of tiles
When choosing the color of ceramic tiles you should rely on a few simple principles:
• on the color din, tiles for backsplash in the kitchen should match the color of the future wallpaper or match kitchen sets;
• in the kitchen there should be an element that will go well with the color of the tiles. It may be curtains, wall panels, dishes.

Colors of tiles for kitchen
The main colors of the tiles for the kitchen are:
• White. It is a versatile color that is suitable for any color of the kitchen furniture. To decorate the white tiles, you can use vinyl stickers. They are easily glued, resistant to moisture and, if necessary, they can always be removed and the new paste.
• Creation of contrast. A contrasting color is selected and in the interior necessarily are made a few details, which will be located in one color with the color of tiles. The important thing is not to overdo the contrasts so such a design of kitchen backsplash that did not create a sense of «color excess».
• beige or light pink. This neutral colors are just perfect for the creation of a backsplash in the kitchen. Such tones of tiles visually increase the room, making it lighter and a great fit for any color palette of the rest of the interior.

When choosing tiles for a backsplash in the kitchen it is not necessarily that the color of tiles is exactly the same color of countertops or furniture color. You can easily use the tiles, which is several shades darker / lighter or has a slight difference in shade.