Kerala Style Home Design And Plans

The Kerala style consisted of cultures of such countries as: Greece, Turkey, North of Egypt, the Italian and French Riviera and Spain. The main ideas of registration of an interior are taken from Italy and Greece. How to create the weakened situation of the Kerala Style Home Design And Plans siesta in the house?

Who can recommend the Kerala Style Home Design And Plans style?

  • To the southerners living in ancient buildings or private cottages. Rich natural color – the sun, the sea and dense vegetation – finds the reflection in registration of an interior in the Mediterranean style.
  • To admirers of practical comfort. The interior in the Kerala style does not tolerate luxury and chic. Comfort and utility – here two whales on whom this style keeps.
  • To fans to save. The Kerala style does not demand big expenses. In an interior household simplicity, laconic furniture and simple accessories reigns.


Only natural colors. The Greek style in an interior are cold tone: white, citreous, all shades blue, mixed with green and as accent, saturated red-pink. The main color scheme – alternation white with blue: for example, a blue window frame on a white wall. Walls and a ceiling are roughly plastered. On a floor – a terracotta tile.

The Italian style in an interior abounds with warm shades. Color scale – brown, golden-orange, terracotta, olive and bottle-green. Impressive walls are painted in bright tone, on a floor in premises – the bleached floorboard, in a bathroom and kitchen – the color ceramic tile which is laid out by the drawing.


Strong, it is ideal – handwork. Archaic simplicity – here a key to creation of an interior in the Kerala style. Furniture – stocky, from a pine or an oak, with an upholstery minimum. The Italian style in an interior allows to book shelves and racks to add shod little tables to the company – with the varnished iron framework and a table-top from tiles. The Greek style in an interior will be emphasized by chairs with reed seats, them it is possible to arrange around a dining table or to put in a bedroom.

The sofa with an open wooden framework will be suitable for a drawing room, and in kitchen it will be good to look colored buffet.


Functional decor. Textiles in the Kerala interiors amazingly are not enough. But curtains – a rarity, instead of them at windows – a sun blind. Fabrics can be met only in registration of a bedroom: the white embroidered covers, lacy pillowcases connected manually «paths» on dressers. For a table linen monophonic, in a strip or a cage use flax or cotton, cloths and napkins. Flower motives are almost not used.

Daily ceramic ware is paraded – on open racks and buffets. Frequent it is glazed kitchen utensils with a naive manual list.