Authentic Craftsman Style House Plans

The impossibility at once to give an objective assessment to features of a classical interior causes misunderstanding in people into the account of merits and demerits of neoclassicism in comparison with current trends in design. Authentic Craftsman Style House Plans in an interior does not depend on time. In design it is considered refined tone, property of respectability, attractive appearance.

The features doing unacceptable use of neoclassical style in an interior are:

use of high-quality natural materials (valuable leather products, valuable breeds from a tree, a natural stone are considered);

the overestimated indicators of volume and geometry.

Considering these indicators, the owners of spacious apartments appreciating classics in an interior doubt preferences of neoclassicism. Having rationally weighed and previously having estimated a photo of ready interiors, you should not forget also about classics notes.

Characteristic features for style of the neoclassic Authentic Craftsman Style House Plansalso, as well as classics, provides use in an interior of accurate lines and rectangular shapes. There is no bright color palette and excessive splendor. The interior in style of the neoclassic is fancy and eccentric. It is popular among self-assured, not irritable leading owners.Neoclassicism – the excellent decision for high rooms in the apartment. It can be used in small-sized apartments, but only provided that height of ceilings is not lower than 2,5 m.Neoclassical style is impossible without use in an interior:

  • plasterboard or polyurethane semi-arches;
  • columns;
  • borders;
  • arches.

Observance of the rule is important: a minimum of the decorating elements – a quality maximum. Are very important in an interior of neoclassical style of a curtain. They should not be making heavier, expensive. It is enough to get modern curtains from artificial textiles. Design and a coloring the same, as in style of the classic.

Wall registration

The light finishing allowing to expand visually space is characteristic of neoclassical style. For finishing of the lower part of wall panels the modern materials imitating panels from a tree are used. They can be decorated by dark wall-paper or plaster

The monophonic wall-paper or wall-paper intended «under painting» are applied to finishing of the top part of wall panels. In rare instances the surface of walls is divided into geometrically correct polyurethane elements of a decor. It is favorable to make ceiling borders of polyurethane independently.

Ceiling finishing

In dressing of an interior of the apartment rectangular decorative panels in appearance reminding a tree successfully look. It is desirable to paint their surface white paint and to decorate small rectangles.

Finishing of a ceiling can be executed by the glossy or opaque tension cloth giving the chance to expand visually the room sizes.

Decor of floor coverings

Ideal material for design of floors in the apartment – a board parquet. On the discretion a floor can be trimmed with a laminate, a tile from ceramics, a parquet board. Linoleum and a carpet – inadmissible floor coverings in neoclassical design.