Major Residential Architectural Styles

Architectural style is a set of characteristic features and signs of architecture. Style is called «pure» if all elements in an invariable look and a due ratio are in the place, or «dirty» when elements of other styles are entered into it.

Professional designers know that the architecture except the specification and wishes of the customer has to submit to strict rules of the chosen style or its variations. The architect can find out a way of life of the customer and his family, their requirement, define style towards which that is drawn and as a result of collaboration will give that house, appearance and which planning will be pleasant to future builder. Such house of which you dreamed allows to realize construction on the individual project. The house embodying all your ideas, requirements and tastes. Besides, it will resemble not on any another and unique.

Very important point after Major Residential Architectural Styles acquisition of the land plot under giving or a cottage, is the choice of the most country house or the project on which it is necessary to build the house. It is necessary to choose the place of its arrangement, to decide of what materials and in what architectural style your future house will be made

Having begun construction, we most often already hold some approximate image of future house including the main style lines in the head. And style of the house is a part of your image. Appearance of a country house can tell about the status, about taste and the identity of the owner. And correctly chosen technological embodiment, realization of an architectural form will help the building to serve many years. Internal planning of the house and interior design have to correspond to the decision made architectural structurally and style of the building.

Any style applied in construction today in the course of historical formation incorporated the most valuable of architectural experience of the past. And at the same time each separate case of the embodiment of architectural style in country construction is a product of the time and goes in step with modern requirements to design, environmental friendliness and ergonomics of a structure.

Practically all country real estate represents mixture of elements and various styles of architecture. It is caused by abundance of information on construction and aspiration of the person to make the house individual, to be allocated from lump. However style compatibility in construction of a country house has to be observed as following to the principle «the more heaps and styles, the better» most often testifies only to absence at the owner of esthetic taste.

It is hard to be defined in the existing style variety for this reason the choice of style at design of country housing should pay special attention, the house or a cottage has to be to liking to all members of your family.

Design Major Residential Architectural Styles of the future house — incredibly fascinating process allowing to glance in the future. Appearance of a country house can tell about much: about the status, about taste and the identity of the owner. Internal planning of the house and interior design have to correspond to the decision made architectural structurally and style of the building therefore it is better not to invent the bicycle, and to address the architect. For it style is language by means of which it expresses the main idea of the project. That the realized project (i.e. your future country house) and it would be in every respect successful, you have to speak with the architect one language.

Now there is a set of styles, and here the most popular of them:

  • Classical
  • Russian
  • Russian estate
  • Castle
  • Renaissance
  • Gothic
  • Baroque
  • Rococo
  • Classicism
  • Empire style
  • Eclecticism
  • Modernist style
  • Organic architecture
  • Constructivism
  • Art deco
  • Minimalism
  • High tech
  • Finnish minimalism
  • Chalet
  • Fakhverk
  • Scandinavian
  • East
  • American country
  • Shatto
  • Adirondak
  • Style of prairies