How to Decorate Restaurant Menu.

The card of any restaurant is its menu, it is primarily advertising of the place, and only then a list of dishes and their prices. In some restaurants, the elements from the menu, or a short menu, are located in front of the entrance to the restaurant on advertising pillars, so visitors can get acquainted with the institution before the visit. Therefore, the challenge is to make the menu not only informative and colorful, but also presentable — as it plays an important role in the overall image of the restaurant. After the already approved list of dishes and set the price for each — it’s time to design the menu. You cannot simply print it on bad paper or make a careless design- it will only create a negative image of the restaurant.

First we need to define the idea for the menu, take into account all the features of the restaurant. It is important that the image of the place and its specificity were displayed on the menu. For example, for a restaurant with Italian cuisine attractions of Italy can be used for background on menu page, and for a restaurant with Japanese cuisine — Japanese cultural elements. Layout and a ready template of the menu should be stored in a computer to quickly make changes to it if required, or to correct errors.
Use unusual fonts, pleasant to read, but do not overdo with originality and color. To deviate from the standard forms of writing is possible only if the institution in its style is aimed at any particular group of people or the interior of the restaurant in a contemporary style, such as Art Nouveau. If it is a world-class restaurant, or it is frequented by visitors from other countries, you can duplicate a menu in English as a separate instance and in the present — in parallel with the language of the original.

If the restaurant is classified as upper class, the menu can be viewed also in French and German. In addition to the name of the institution, its address and a logo, menu, be sure to specify the working hours and contact numbers of the restaurant. If the institution does not first-class, the menu with a chic design, with gold or silver lettering will look ridiculous. If you make your own menu, it is necessary to print it on good quality paper, with use of a color printer. Ready letterhead menu invested in pre-purchased the same folder, with a beautiful decoration.