Paradise vacation: great ideas for indoor swimming pools
How nice, after a long hard day relaxing in the pool. But in winter it is quite difficult to do because of the cold. The solution of this problem could be an indoor swimming pool. Today, they are becoming more popular, because neither bad weather nor cold not afraid of them!

Those who want to improve the skills of swimming in breaststroke and butterfly stroke, and to impress friends with unusual interior, with indoor pools will be able to implement and that, and another. Miraculously, indoor pool combines aesthetics and ergonomics. We offer amazing indoor pools that turn an ordinary place for training in an elegant space.
A popular design theme when creating indoor pools is the idea of creating a «world in a world.» Creating a magical space in which you can escape from the mundane daily routine. After work, everyone will go back to the surreal alternate world that is far beyond the city life.

Selection of ideas for such extravagant indoor pools depend, first, on the available space in the house and, secondly, on personal preference. In the design of such a space, you can use exotic plants, build a beautiful waterfall, using natural rocks. All this, as well as the right lighting, will help to create room for the heavenly tropical holiday, in which you can plunge, having just a few steps from the living room.

Well-chosen color to paint ceilings, as well as LED lighting will help to create a simulation of the starry night sky, while the luxurious indoor swimming pool with sauna and Jacuzzi will bring you to Vegas. Just a paradise!

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of an indoor pool, a space which is surrounded by concrete walls on all four sides. Although this project is well suited for regions with cold winters, for more moderate weather conditions, you can find the ideal compromise. For example, to connect the indoor swimming pool with open one using transparent hull walls and sliding roof.

Thus, you can enjoy the world around, oblivious to the weather. In this way, the line between indoors and the outside world, is erased. The transparent roof and walls protect against the wind and cold, and at the same time allow to enjoy the view outside.

Lighting plays a very important role in every room of the house. This also applies to indoor pools. Lighting of indoor swimming pool must comply with and complement the theme, which was chosen for the design of the space. To create a good atmosphere it is advisable to combine several different types of lighting, use different effects and evenly distribute lighting throughout the room.