How to arrange the menu for the restaurant, creating covers and the restaurant menu.

You need to create a menu for the restaurant and you do not know where to start? First, determine whether it is text or a menu with photographs of dishes. In the text menu in the foreground is decoration and in menu with photos it is not so important, the main thins is beautiful and most importantly delicious food photos. Beautiful restaurant menu may be different: strict, cheerful, child, etc. The main thing is to conform to the general concept of the institution.

How to make the restaurant’s menu? Making the menu must correspond to the interior and the positioning of the institution. This means that it is not worth doing a strict menu at the sports bar, and that it is enough to give a quite expensive restaurant designer paper list of A3 with a stamp, folded in half. Making restaurant menu must correspond to the level of its regular customers. First, you must develop a menu block and then take on the cover of restaurant menu, it carries a secondary task and the restaurant’s menu cover should reflect the overall design concept.

The original restaurant menu can be made of unusual materials or be irregularly shaped, naturally interesting ideas in the design of the menu have not been canceled, for the ideas you like best to consult a professional. When creating the menu of restaurant write down all your thoughts and wishes on paper, and even better in electronic form on the computer. These records are required, so that it was easier to find a common language with the design studio and its designers during the development of the menu. Creating a menu for the restaurant, takes an average of 3 working days to a week, it all depends on the complexity of the task and the number of required designs.