Design and decoration of the Menu.

The design of such a functional object as the menu is repelled by the specific needs of the institution and its format. Selecting the main menu colors and combinations of colors — the question of the concept of the restaurant, which almost always has the color itself. By the way, one of the most simple advice of professionals is the main color of the menu should be «edible».

As for the time structure of dishes on the menu and prices can change, the layout and structure of the menu should be created so that they could easily be reconstructed and were always fully complete the construction. When you use as a cover a costly leather folder, then the technical mechanism of replacement of the sheets should be planned beforehand. The most commonly used for this ring mechanisms, fastening bolts and gum.

Attention! We do not recommend you to use stationery files for protection sheets menu. Any menu leaflets of which are enclosed in a stationery file immediately acquires cheap and sloppy appearance, no matter how expensive the folder you are using and how much effort is put into its design. Therefore, to ensure the protection of menu sheets from moisture and fat, it is best to use a thin lamination or protective lacquer, and so you will increase the life of the menu and save the elegant look.

If the purpose of your restaurant does not foresee to use leather folder menu, you can do it in other interesting formats: elegant booklet with a cover made of design board, or in the form of books in hardcover. If the menu has to be informative and solid as a publication, why not make it a publication in a literal sense — branded newspaper, magazine or comic book.

Regardless of which format you choose you must always remember that the design of the menu and its structure must be harmoniously adapt to the changes in the kitchen of a restaurant or thematic issue renewals, maintaining a single, complete concept.