How to create a whole new world in your house: 8 tips

Experiments with color can create a whole new world in your home. A good advice never hurts. Here are some practical tips that will help to make confident choices. Little know-how is very important!

1. Get used to bright colors
If you decided to completely change the color scheme of the room, be prepared for long-term shock. This is a natural reaction to changes. Very often, colors that we like the most, may be the most surprising.

2. You don’t need to paint it all
Do not be afraid to paint just one wall or even some part of it. It is not necessary to do an entire room with one color. Try to paint part of the wall to the width of the bed, or a sofa, or break the long corridor with a vertical stripe of another color. Enjoy the original game with color.

3. Never make a white ceiling… if you paint the walls with thick, rich color.
Add in the paint for the ceiling the fourth part of the paint for the walls. Or use dye. The ceiling in the color will not only seem depressing or induce the feeling of claustrophobia. Instead, it will be more calm, refined and atmospheric.

4. Avoid white borders of walls of any color … except blue.
Light beige or pale gray finish can give a clean, fresh effect and will not appear too flashy or distracting. To disguise the deficiencies, use lighter or darker tone of the main colors of the walls. Skirting between dark walls and floors should be painted a color darker on a tone than the main finishing.

5. Choose the right paint
Choose a paint color that on the probe seems a bit muted. Not only lighter than you want, but more tender. In addition, if the color appears too bright, add a little brown, not white. A bit of «dirt» gives a touch of natural shade.

6. Create a neutral zone between the two rooms in bold colors
It will act as a kind of cleansing the palette. Corridor in a neutral color or wallpaper with splashes of primary colors of the two rooms will give you the freedom of color.

7. Mask deficiencies … making it appropriate for environment.
If your carpet is of a little «wrong» color, for example, pick up the paint for the walls of the same colors. Using contrasting colors will make it worse.

8. Select the color with the emotional benefits
Take into account not only the decoration. Notice what colors give power, comfort or give pleasure, and what would you like more. Now think of how they can fit into your space. You will be amazed by the effect they will produce on you.