5 simple ideas on how to refresh the bedroom.

For many of us bedroom — is more than just a room to sleep. Bedroom can be a refuge, a place where you can escape from everyday life and find such necessary sometimes, silence and solitude. Several fairly simple ideas of bedroom decor can help to turn it into a beautiful and relaxing place. Renewal of the bedroom does not necessarily entails costly renovation or large purchases. Creatively using accessories and small items of furniture, you can create the desired look of the room on a budget. But, if you can not even imagine how this is possible, here are some standing ideas.

Idea # 1:
One of the best ways to transform the bedroom — to paint the walls. Change the familiar wallpaper with pattern on your favorite color, refreshing walls with monotonous layer of paint. Bedroom will seem brighter and cleaner. Try a bold new color or a soft neutral. It is safe to experiment. If you are not inspired by the idea of monochromatic environment, you can draw something on one of the walls.

Idea # 2:
Draperies and curtains
Try to change the look of a bedroom, changing blinds or curtains. Today, both are available in a wide variety of patterns, textures and fabrics. Choose a color, combined with the motif of the room, or try something completely different. It is also possible to combine completely different textures, colors and materials. Again, there is ample space for experiments.

Idea # 3:
New cushions — another way to add color to the bedroom. Lots of pillows on the bed create a beautiful accent, add novelty and allow to see how the new colors are combined with the main palette. And the best part is that they can be easily replaced if you suddenly want to change again. Blankets and bedspreads — is another fun and functional accessory. Throw a large blanket to the floor in the tone of the main colors of the room, and you will see how rapidly things will change.

Idea # 4:
Duvets and bed linen
Bed is without doubt the main focus of the bedroom. So the new (or long-forgotten old) duvet can be «the most it.» Linens are also now available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and textures and it can be a wonderful finishing touch. So maybe, you just need to get a brand new kit?

Idea # 5:
Wall decoration
Paintings, embroidery, tapestry, mirrors, shelves — all these will help to easily and elegantly decorate the walls of your room. Beautiful paintings can be found in any specialized shop. You can try something more creative and put your favorite photos or images from books or magazines in the framework. Simple or intricate mirror is not only an attractive part, isn’t it? Furthermore, it can make the bedroom visually higher. Wall shelves can be easily installed and made a great place for accessories (pictures, candles, books, small trinkets, any decorative items), which will emphasize your individuality. It is only a few easy and inexpensive decorating ideas of bedrooms that will liven up your space. Do not forget that night tables, lamps and rugs are also bedroom accessories that can be added or replaced to give the room a new look.