On what you can not save, making repairs.

At the word «repair» the majority of people roll their eyes and sigh heavily, remembering how much effort, nerves and money they spent on this forced and necessary measure. Some fit in a couple of months, while others improve their conditions over the years and to infinity.

Without what repair can not be started
Now we do not talk about the timing, but that, on what it is not necessary to save in the process of repair. And it goes not about design tricks, and about home safety, comfort and aesthetics in general. First of all, you need to carefully, in detail, think through what you want to get at the end of the repair, not to lose time and money.

Next take the size of the room and make a list of materials and the necessary number of them. It is better to buy all at once, finding out where are now discounts and promotions. Before the purchase you should also ask acquaintances if they have a discount card in shop of building materials. It will certainly be useful, accept the word. Take as much as you want, without thinking, «just in case», or then you will have to get rid of the blockages of unused material after repair called junk and living on the balcony.

Let there be light!
So, take the fact that you just can’t save on some things, it is restricted. These include wiring. This is your security in the literal sense: unfortunately, fires are not uncommon and often the cause is poor quality or outdated wiring. And then, there is no point to «sculpt» a fancy repair, if it can disappear in a moment. The only exception — if you live in a new or relatively new house with a good copper wiring and electrical problems during this time did not arise. For example, it knocked the plug from the washing machine and electric kettle are included at the same time.
Next — think about where should be positioned sockets and switches. First are always lacking, and ignoring this point, then you stumble over extension for years. Do you need this? By the way, do not forget about grounding. Switches are better to be purchased in specialty stores. Still, it is a thing which you will use on a daily basis.

Water and nuances
The next item — sewerage. It is a little joy to sit without water or pay damages to neighbors because of your desire to save money. It is better, if the pipes are plastic.

However, with poor sound insulation you will clearly know when your neighbors visit a place of solitude, so be aware of this feature and consult with specialists how this problem can be resolved. Do not ignore siphons. In the end, siphon that flows and is often clogged, will bring you a lot of hassle. And do not forget to put filters that purify the water.

To be warm
Don’t save on the heating system, or in the winter you will have to sit in three sweaters and sweat pants under the duvet. Choose good radiators, heating boilers, and so on. Here it is possible also to include windows, it’s just that a vulnerability through which many heat the street.