How to choose the right picture for the interior.

Competent selection of paintings for interior decoration — is a very important and responsible process. After all, thanks to it, you can create in your apartment or home atmosphere of coziness, warmth and harmony! In this article we’ll show you how to choose the right picture for the interior.

Paintings for different rooms
The first tip that I want to give in this endeavor — choose pictures with positive energy. Avoid paintings depicting disasters, wars, destruction, grief, distress. In addition, it is worth remembering that paintings with separate themes should be chosen for each room .
So, for interior decoration of the living room is worth to buy impressionist paintings and colorful landscapes. And for the bedroom will best suited paintings of lovers, romance and even the sex scenes. As for the kitchen, paintings of flowers and still life will look more harmonious. Decorate ceramic vases and decorative plates will help you decorate the interior.
If you are thinking about how to diversify the interior of your office, choose mountain landscapes, paintings of water flows. According to the Eastern experts, it will help to bring wealth and good fortune to man and his company.
And in the nursery you can hang paintings depicting favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters, animals and birds. The brightest abstractions should be located in the hallway.

How to fit paintings in the interior
In this endeavor, the main thing is to choose the right direction to find the style and tone. They should be in harmony with the concept of the rooms.
So, for the classic luxury interior will fit ancient paintings and works of the old masters. For minimalistic interior, on the contrary, it is worth buying creative and avant-garde works. It is important to pay attention to the color, if colors will overlap with the tone of the walls or furniture, the interior itself will look interesting and extraordinary.
And for the interior in modern style, experts advise to choose fabric made with pastels and watercolors.

How to arrange paintings properly?
The most perfect backdrop for any picture, of course, is a blank wall of warm shades of pale. And now a few words about how to design the space of the wall with paintings:
• classic way: strict shapes and lines (for the classic interior);
• art disorder: different shapes and sizes of the frames (the avant-guarde);
• borderless: posters on the walls in the manner of a «relax»;
• the location of the paintings around the central element: to highlight the main things and paintings;
• creative diversity: fantasy option, which involves wall decoration pictures, paintings, posters, mirrors, prints and a clock in an arbitrary manner.