Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

Examples of creative landscape design for the infield
Each smallholding or backyard of the ownership deserves the attention of the hosts. To create a unique, practical and at the same time pleasing appearance of the space near your house is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Currently you don’t need to be an agronomist avid amateur to realize your idea of what should look like a private courtyard or a portion of the country. Modern technologies, including those in the sphere of agriculture, and the abundance of information on the arrangement of land can help to prioritize and plan the organization of backyard space. We hope that the following selection of examples of the latest trends in the world of landscape design, will inspire you to fulfillment and realization of ideas on your land holdings.

All style of the landscape can be divided into three main areas: geometric, infinity, and oriental style. Of course, no one will monitor so that the implementation of the elements of each style to be canonical, and these currents can harmoniously overlap within a single project.

Artificial ponds in the private courtyard
The presence of water on the plot, in one form or another, adds peace and relaxing mood to space, bringing another element of connection of nature and human habitation.
Bowl with water, from which water flows continuously, placed on a platform that mimics the chessboard, using concrete slabs, dark pebble stone and grass. The flow of water visually softens all geometric composition.
One can watch the water running forever. And if it flows from neat rock slides in the form of a small waterfall, you can enjoy even the aesthetic side of the action. Soft recreation area, in this case was managed to organize with the help of wooden garden furniture in bright pastel colors.
Small stone-paved vessels with a continuous flow of water — a perfect way to decorate any courtyard, to make peace and at the same time add some dynamism to the overall atmosphere.
Facing of the artificial reservoir coincides with tiles on the paths and rest area, creating a harmonious ensemble.