How to choose a picture for interior decoration.

1) Each room has its own theme
For the living room will suit large paintings with urban landscapes or beautiful nature, bright images in the style of impressionism, black and white rigorous graphic art.

Kitchen should not be limited to traditional still life — images of blooming gardens, autumn parks, pastoral theme will create a special atmosphere of home warm. Theme of urban landscapes in the paintings adorning the dining room area is very popular- enjoying the night lights or narrow streets of other city, could not help but feel like sitting in a cozy cafe with a cup of coffee.

For bedroom is recommended a romantic image orientation, calm landscapes or floral motifs. If you cannot decide on the plot — give preference to abstraction in the tone of the main colors of the interior.

2) Match the style
As you know, all interior styles can be divided into:
• Historical (classical, Baroque, Renaissance, Empire, Art Nouveau, etc.);
• Geographic (English, Scandinavian, Indian, Japanese, Egyptian, etc.);
• Thematic (eco-style, high-tech, loft, minimalism, glare, pop art, etc.).
This is in accordance with the basic «guide» of the style you should choose plot and technique of the paintings. If this is a historical style — it is nice to find a clever copy (and maybe even the original!) of famous master who created it at that very epoch, which you are trying to recreate in the interior.
With geographic styles — everything is also simple: each country has its own «business card» or picturesque scenery, outstanding countryside (Scandinavia — Fjords, Egypt — Pyramids and the Valley of the Pharaohs, etc.)

3) Color selection
We should not forget that picture — it is an accessory. And the role of accessories can be:
• accentual — a bright spot of color that is necessarily to be repeated in other accessories, textiles, color upholstery;
• complementary — in this case, a picture is necessary to select the color of the wall decoration.

4) Positive mood
Psychologists say that the pictures painted by hand of a talented master, have a powerful energy (and worthless things simply leave you indifferent). Therefore, pay attention not only to the combination of colors and matching theme interior, but also the mood that is created when viewing pictures. Even if you are choosing a picture to place it in military style, or urbanized high-tech avoid paintings depicting war, gloomy destroyed structures, gruesome monsters, sick people.

When selecting pictures for the rest rooms — bedroom, nursery — give preference to calm subjects. Stormy sea, raging waterfalls, gloomy sky with zigzags of lightning — not the best option to create a peaceful atmosphere.