House Plans Front Elevation India

If you want that your house was full of the piece, light and positive energy, try to use the Indian style in an interior.

Magic and mysterious India full of spirituality represents contrast of sufferings and pleasures. For this reason the Indian interiors can be two-faced – or the traditional southern Indian house with a terrace, or similarity of a poor dugout.

House Plans Front Elevation India– features of style

There are two options how to issue an interior in the Indian style. There are traditional colonial style and modern Indian design. Feature of both options is existence of carpets, textiles and furniture from natural natural materials with emphasis on handwork. In the Indian houses and apartments all finishing and home decoration massive and firm – stone or wooden floors, panels on walls from a natural wood, big stone columns.

The reason because of what the interior in the Indian style looks so beautifully, is covered in a way of life of local population. Most of them practice yoga and meditation, and this rhythm is present in all that surrounds them. Many people to who was lucky to visit India also begin to look for harmony in life, gradually avoiding today’s vanity.

Traditionally the combination of flowers in the Indian interior depends on a part of the country or the province. Mysteriously looks mixing of such flowers as violet, lilac, pink, gold, ochre. In the most widespread color is black, olive-green, muffled blue, dark brown and all warm colors in a combination with gold.

The combination of white color of a shade of a magnolia to a ceramic tile of color of a teak turns out very pleasant. And decorative elements from textiles of turquoise color are harmonious with a gold and silver embroidery.

The Indian style in an interior supports many combinations of flowers, but, along with it, alternative coloring in the form of ornaments, the Indian motives are popular. Special often in the Indian interiors it is possible to meet carpets with the image of realities.

In registration of the Indian interior much in common with tropical design and the African style in an interior. The same furniture – leather, wattled, from a wood or a rattan, stone or tiled floors, desk lamps with carved elements, mirrors in frames from strong breeds of a wood. Also in the Indian houses it is often possible to see a rocking-chair and a small bench for legs, low coffee tables with small chairs. At the Indian interior surely there are statues of Hindu gods, walls are decorated with drawings and motives of handwork. All this creates the real Indian atmosphere.

Also spicy aromas, aromas, candlesticks with candles, silk curtains or fabric blinds, tropical plants in original flowerpots from a rattan and many other decorative elements are inherent in the Indian style.

The most beautiful and unusual in the Indian interior is the bedroom. Executed from the teak growing in India or Indonesia it is considered the most real bedroom in the Indian style. Teak furniture is one of the most favourite and popular in Europe today. It is appreciated not only quality of natural material, but also unsurpassed design. Magnificent option of furniture from a teak for a bedroom is the bed with a canopy – one more feature of the Indian style.