New Bungalow House Design In Philippines

New Bungalow House Design In Philippines is just one-storage house. In other words, style of a bungalow is very similar to rural style with that feature that registration of the house in the Indian style .

There is a new and old direction in style of a bungalow. So, new houses far departed from the modest sizes and low cost of the prototypes. They are bigger on the area and more elegantly decorated. Nevertheless still there were modest, but unusually qualitatively constructed constructions where, according to the architect Misa Van der Roe, means better less. At the same time the tendency of return to less difficult and less decorative image of the house was outlined. Awareness of importance of quality methods of manual construction of timbered buildings increases, and also the respect for skillful handicraftsmen and applied art of masters revives.

Construction of houses from logs and on the basis of a wooden framework has long tradition. Timbered construction and high-quality connection of logs is a process which cannot be accelerated. Years are required to gain skill, but work of such master as the sculptural forms will create expressive contrast with the ordinary house.

New forms of the mixed timbered sculpture provide interesting turn to old forms of craft style and style of a bungalow. Lines, the concept of design and philosophy — here is the key subjects forming the basic project from timbered elements where fortress is reached by addition of the logs of big diameter giving massiveness and visual weight to all structure.

The art of decoration in style of a bungalow often is associated with traditions of dressing of classical American bungalows. In these cozy lodges with low ceilings the most important is functionality and rational use of space.

The big porch and the joint backyard is characteristic of the house in style of a bungalow. In registration of a bungalow natural local materials and natural colors are used. Very great influence on registration of a bungalow was exerted by missionary style. In an interior of a bungalow graceful rural registration dominates.

Timbered ceiling elements is the parallel wooden beams supporting system of overlapping of a floor or roof above. Their size and placement are defined by flight and size of loading. A curved protection with the timbered dark impressive beams contrasting with a whiteness of walls.

Metal wares, a stone, wood and glass are picked skillfully up to show made by person and the nature. The technology in combination with art of master handicraftsmen shows a wide range talent and performance methods. Timbered elements create the new measurement providing drama effect for all house. They can be included in an interior to soften or divide internal space.