Front Elevation Design Of House Pictures In India

It is not difficult to issue an interior in the Indian style, it is important to choose several elements, characteristic of style, and to mix them with elements of other styles. Worthy stylization and imaginations about India are more interesting than literal reproduction of style per se.

There is a small delusion that the Indian style exclusively gaudy and motley. Really, it is very colourful, but the real Indian houses rather cozy and even a little ascetic concerning planning and arrangement of furniture.

What characteristic signs of the Indian interior?

  • The painted walls (wall-paper almost is never used)
  • Stretch ceilings (from fabric)
  • Wooden carved furniture
  • Pictures with the image of elephants and the moments from Buddha’s life
  • It is a lot of plants and flowers
  • Seats on a floor (from pillows or special fabric mats)
  • There is a lot of drawings, ornaments and invoices in one room
  • Doorways in the form of an arch
  • Large number of bright multi-colored pillows
  • Cases with the doors reminding shutters of windows. Mirrors with shutters
  • Screens for zoning
  • Arrangement of furniture along walls
  • Bright carpets
  • Multipurpose, interchangeable furniture (the stool becomes a bedside table or a little table)
  • Handicrafts (tree, mosaic)

First of all, it is worth deciding on color scale in which you will make out the room. Any bright and warm colors will approach: orange, gold, crimson, violet, yellow. Following question: what to do with walls? In the Indian houses there is almost never wall-paper, walls are just painted in monophonic color. If it is absolutely uncomfortable to you without wall-paper , then it is possible to glue textile wall-paper with imitation of fabric or to make one accent wall with a pattern of Paisley which is also called the Indian cucumbers.

It is considered that stretch ceilings are an invention of Indians. The speech not about those glossy stretch ceilings which save from flooding, and about fabric. Of course, such decision is too radical and will also look is inappropriate rather, than it is good in the usual apartment therefore one more interesting option is a color ceiling.

The Indian furniture is always made from natural materials, most often from a wood. Carved screens, little tables and chairs of handwork cost very much. Judges prefer to carry or order such furniture from India. However the European masters learned to do quite good stylizations, as well as with furniture in style of a shinuazra.

The Indian decor means many interesting details: ceramic figures of sacred animals, Buddha’s images, Shiva or Ganesh in pictures or as figurines, carved caskets, padded stools, pillows and covers in style of patchwork or with an embroidery, aromatic candles, floor vases, a carved screen, figurines of elephants and many other things. The main thing, probably,is not to add everything at once and not to turn the house into the Indian market,it`s important to choose things which are pleasant to you especially strongly. There will be enough three-four details in order that the Indian style was guessed. And if to support all this with the correct color combinations, then stylization of Front Elevation Design Of House Pictures In India will turn out such what it has to be.