House Designs And Floor Plans Philippines Bungalow Type.

«Bungalow» is a very interesting style of an interior because it combines a little, apparently, incongruous lines. Arisen in India at the end of the 19th century, widely adopted especially in America the beginnings of the century of the 20th, it remains urgent and presently, won popularity in many countries.

Being initially only adaptation of the Indian dwelling to life of the English colonists, «bungalow» can safely call one of the most successful embodiments of a convenient and cozy interior today. This style created for small houses gives feeling of spaciousness, organically fits both into apartments, and into big cottages.

For House Designs And Floor Plans Philippines Bungalow Type well it is known and easy in creation at a minimum of rules and requirements to an interior. The most important that many natural materials were used, was rather spacious and is very cozy.

Especially organically style of a bungalow fits into rooms with big windows and low ceilings. The big drawing room which is the center of all house settles down behind an entrance door at once, the hall or a corridor are absent. Before an entrance to the house of «bungalow» often there is a big verandah with vacation spots. In the apartment it is possible to turn a balcony into such similarity of a verandah.

Around a drawing room small bedrooms and other rooms concentrate. The center of a drawing room, in turn, is the big fireplace before which it is convenient to all members of household to gather and enjoy communication under the calming crackling of the burning logs. The fireplace arrangement between windows is characteristic.

Practically never houses and apartments in bungalow style happen two-storage as it is style of horizontally focused space. However, there are exceptions, but in this case the ladder should be disguised as much as possible — they are not characteristic of «bungalow» at all. The kitchen or a kitchen zone small, is not present dining room per se too, there is only a small zone with a compact dining table.

One of the characteristics is a lot of wood: the parquet floors sheathed by wall lining, left opened wooden overlapping of walls and a ceiling or the ceiling decorated with logs fit into style of a bungalow perfectly.

Walls, besides finishing by wood, can be pasted over with wall-paper, to paint one tone or with use of clichés, to cover with plaster or fabric. But it is important that they did not draw on themselves all attention. It is admissible to use a stone and a brick, in registration of a fireplace, for example. A stone floor will not look too alien though in living rooms will be more comfortable if on a floor to lay a carpet. Well east carpets and carpets of the natural, not shouting flowers approach this style.