30 X 40 House Plans Indian Style.

Construction of the one-storage house is a good choice in many respects. Such decision provides sufficient freedom in design and so often necessary safety of a situation, but will not suit owners of small grounds with big family.

Houses with one floor now in fashion — structures are perceived as the uniform architectural project with the adjacent territory. But planning of the one-storage house depends on its sizes and needs of residents and demands careful judgment therefore it is necessary to consider a set of reasonable options before deciding to make the final decision.

Pluses of the one-storage house

  • Cheaper laying of the base in comparison with multistorage structures, load of foundation of the one-storage house is much lower.
  • Possibility of the embodiment of the uniform design concept on all house thanks to smooth transitions between rooms.
  • Convenience in house cleaning, all rooms are located at one level.
  • Safety of a one-storey structure for families with children and disabled people who do not need to use ladders.
  • The building is quickly warmed, and heat in it remains longer.
  • Depending on the area of the house it is possible to pick up very interesting planning solutions, having unusually used interroom partitions.

Planning of one-storage houses from wood or other materials depends on their parameters, a form. Square structures are considered ideal in this regard; the interior of rooms of such form of sufficient size turns out balanced. Probably, therefore most often owners choose projects of buildings with the identical parties.

Planning of the house 6 on 6 (one-storage option) — the building, absolutely small on the area, which is usually used as a country cottage. To build such house will be much cheaper, than two-storage or wider, and by means of modern means of design it is easy to find room into it for all necessary.

Having saved on heating (it is not difficult to manage for this purpose one low-power copper, a fireplace with radiators) and on arrangement of input and output for water and discharge, it is possible to execute good finishing of such lodge.

The space of 36 square meters can be organized, having planned a ten-meter drawing room, a nine-meter bedroom, a small bathroom in 3 sq.m, kitchen studio in 8,5 sq.m, a small boiler room and a four-meter hall.

Not wisely, however, to spend already small distance for the platform, it is possible to make a checkpoint kitchen or a drawing room a zone, having combined them with the hall. It is the main possible correct option of the organization of space by what its other parts would not be conceived. Division of kitchen and a drawing room will seriously reduce useful area.

The one-storage30 X 40 House Plans Indian Style which planning of rooms’ turns out almost ideal, owners choose enough the big land plots. In it with convenience several people will be located, and all rooms can be square and rather spacious and comfortable concerning lighting and arrangement of furniture.

Such house with an area of 79,8 sq.m will be suitable for accommodation in comfort of a family of 4-6 people with children of different age. The interior of the similar dwelling can be made similar to a situation of the three-room apartment of the average sizes. At the organization of space it is better to avoid corridors of any extent, and to plan the general hall from which doors will disperse to all other rooms.

Besides necessary rooms in the house with such area owners are able to afford also workings zone — an office, to expand a dignity. Knot, having established there not a shower cabin, but a wide bathtub or a Jacuzzi.

Planning of the one-storage house 30 on 40 can provide a separate entrance to a boiler room from the street especially as coppers will be necessary more powerful, than at the small area. It is convenient also for operation of the building.