House Designs And Plans In Guyana.

Natural property of the person – to look for the best and not to be content with what he has it if it not on an interior. Whatever adherents of asceticism and ideology «broadcast be content small», the person cannot act this way. If he knows that there are best conditions for accommodation, he aspires to them.

The esthetic component in House Designs And Plans In Guyana also invests in a concept of «a condition for accommodation». Agree, to the fan of an interior in light tones it will be uncomfortable in the room of Gothic style. And it will be at least difficult for judge of modern style to be in the room stylized under the 19th century.

What styles are most popular, despite «age», and are suitable for registration of the room or even the whole apartment? Though, nobody excludes also mixture of styles …

1. Victorian style. Just this style includes mixture of styles – is admissible, the bedroom is issued in Gothic style, and a drawing room – in style of rococo. Smart literally this word feature of this style that no antiquarian detail can be replaced with a cheap equivalent.

Must have: library, fireplace, set of houseplants, expensive heavy canopies, curtains and covers

Color scale: light brown, red-brown, light pink, lilac, almond

2. Japanese style. Magic East! The orientation to Asia which appeared recently found the application and in interior design. In the Japanese dwelling everything is provided for appearance souls and a pacification of the person. Minimalism, functionality, using of natural materials and mobility – here the main postulates of land of the rising sun style.

Must have: low furniture, traditional decorative elements (bonsai, Buddha’s figures, fans), sliding screen

Color scale: beige, cream, white, black, light gray tone

3. Scandinavian style. Characteristic in style of descendants of severe Vikings is use of a stone and a tree in an interior. Walls usually white or light, as well as all in the apartment – this style assumes wide light space.

Must have: houseplants, low and bright pieces of furniture, set of pictures and photos

Color scale: yellow and dairy, warm colors

4. Style hi-tech. Eras change, the system of society changes. People gradually approach post-industrialization, and she does not avoid also style in an interior. «Hi-tech» — reduction from the English high technologies – «high technologies». According to the name it is clear that for creation of interior only modern materials are used. Everything in the apartment/room of this style has to be functional, have the mission. However, it is unclear what mission beams, pipes, cables paraded have … And it is characteristic of style too. But, strangely enough, even in such ultramodern registration there is a place for something cozy and house. Such impression is made by a bricklaying of walls.

Must have: the pipes, cables, beams paraded; fixture, rivets in the form of decorative adornments, functional furniture, is a lot of light sources

Color scale: brilliant paints for creation of effect of metal

5. Pop art. Brightly, vividly, strongly, colorfully … All these words it is possible to carry pop art to the description of style. If you feel the need for self-expression and the statement for yourself, then this style suits you. The main postulate of style one – to use everything that contradicts standards. Usually one neutral color is taken as a basis, and further the imagination already works.

Must have: posters, unusual pictures, elements of a cubism, graffiti

Color scale: bright colors

6. Arab style. And again designers suggest to be had to the mysterious East. Harmony, luxury and rest – here the basic principles of this bewitching style. Chairs replace the throw pillows scattered in a chaotic order, and fabric here – mainly silk and the atlas. Aromas will also be quite good addition. Mixture of styles is inadmissible and ridiculously it looks – a bed under a canopy and a computer table nearby.

Must have: Persian carpets, heavy curtains and canopies

Color scale: warm, rich shades, gilding

At desire it is possible to invent any style though classics and remains classics. Everything depends only on you and your taste.

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