When purchasing new furniture design of tables is carefully developed, so the table could fit into the existing interior, as well as being comfortable and functional. Our article tells how to choose the right table for specific needs.

In ancient times, tables attached great importance, because in addition to the direct purpose, they were often used for important negotiations. In our time, this piece of furniture is not as religious, but no less important, which reflect after repair room.

The choice of material
If you decide to update the table in the apartment or house, then you have two options — to buy ready-made design or create a new table design with your hands, and then order the creation of a unique interior detail by your sketch. At first glance, it seems that the first option — is much easier, but in fact there is a very large number of companies that are engaged in manufacturing of custom-made tables, so to make the room more original will be no trouble.

Let’s start with the materials that are used to create the table:
• Glass. Material is beautiful, graceful, but not entirely safe. Design of glass table can be quite varied and encompass a combination of transparent, tinted, frosted and colored elements. The glass itself is often combined with metal and wood.
• Natural wood. Quite expensive and very practical material because of all-natural raw materials. Wood furniture has a special texture and unique color shade of which depends on the type of wood. Often are used pine, alder, oak, rarely beech, birch and other species. Hardness and heat resistance is attached to wood by using varnishes.
• Particleboard (chipboard). Material of small chips and shavings, devoid of such shortcomings of solid wood, as knots and cracks, has high strength, good holds screws and nails. Outside covered with veneer for aesthetic look.
• MDF (medium dense fibrous coating). Analog of DSP, however, sawdust ground to a powder is used in the production. Outside it is covered with veneer and has all the properties inherent in analog and environmental safety not inferior to the tree.
• Metal. The material which is gaining popularity. Aluminum, titanium alloys, chrome-plated steel is used. Metal will perfectly fit into the design of the desktop, but this furniture — is quite expensive.
• Fake stone. Material looks stylish and luxurious. Completed of the acrylic resin and the inorganic filler, it is harmless, and not subject to breakage, scratching and cracking.