6 important points that must be considered when retrofitting the garage to living space

  1. Floor
    Garage is transformed into a bright and spacious living space. A new foundation of concrete is raised in relation to the street for the free flow of water.
    In most cases, on the ground there are concrete slabs which are inclined, cracked and positioned below the level of the house. Therefore, reworking starts with the installation of new flooring. For this there are several options.
    One of them is brick wood flooring, which is aligned with the overall level of the whole building. Another way is pouring concrete, it is an advantage when installing the heating system directly into the ground.
  2. Entrance
    When modifying a garage in a residential area there is always a question of what to do with opening the gate. After all, garage doors have a great impact not only on the functionality of the space, but also on its appearance.
    Standard leaf can be perfectly combined with an internal interior space and thus look great from the outside of the building.
    Another approach is to replace the gate on large panoramic windows. You get something like a huge transparent doors. Provided that it is consistent with the overall aesthetic image of the building, such an option can be very successful.
  3. Windows
    Typically, in garages windows are absent, or their number is insufficient. This is an important aspect for the passage of construction expertise of premises.
  4. Additional bathroom equipment
    Adding of kitchen or bathroom can be associated with a lot of difficulties on the placement of plumbing communications. This does not mean that such a reworking is impossible, because the extras are always useful, especially in a house with lots of tenants.
    In this case, you should explore ways of placing the water pipes under the concrete floor and a compact arrangement of plumbing for the bathroom.
    In some transformations of buildings using glass from floor to ceiling is left no reminders of the original image.
  5. Ceiling height
    Of course, type of mounting of metallic support profiles used in the roof of the garage, will dictate the possibility of increasing the height of the walls. This can be done if the building does not have a second floor, and is separate from the house. The vaulted ceiling adds spaciousness to the room.
    This design of vault makes the room light and simple, while the design of the ceiling with decorative elements can show the true character of altered space.
  6. Temperature Control
    Do not forget that the new residential zone must be equipped with cooling and heating devices. Depending on the size of the converted premises decide whether to join the common engineering systems of the house. Otherwise, the option of installing mini-splits can be very successful.