The design of computer table

Design of computer desks should be calculated in such a way so that it could not only fit into the interior of the home, but also to meet all the requirements in its functionality.

You should select design of computer tables guiding by several factors:
• how much time you plan to spend on the computer;
• in what room is assumed its placement, and what its future place in the area;
• whether it is planned to place office equipment or other elements on the computer desk;
• what is the overall design of the room, in which computer desk will be placed.

Multilevel table
Quite a popular option considered a table constructed in several layers. On one of them (usually on the bottom) is placed a system unit of the computer and office equipment, on the second monitor, and all sorts of improvised stuff (work area), and the third — CDs, books, and other such things. An obligatory element of this type of computer desk is withdrawable shelf for keyboard. Such table usually takes a minimum of space, compensating it with its height, and can easily fit even in a small room, for example, you can put it in a renovated room of 12 square meters.
However, we must remember that such tables are often too narrow and hardly suitable for long pastime at the computer. An intermediate option is considered a corner table. The shape and design of computer corner table suggests its placement wherever it is inconvenient to install conventional rectangular tables. It can be both conventional and multilevel. An alternative for multilevel table is a simple computer table, reminding a standard writing desk, which differs from the latter only in the presence of one or more professional elements (pedestal for monitor, withdrawable shelf, etc.).

Although such tables often occupy 1.5-2 times more space, their functionality is considerably higher. Increased worktop, in addition to the monitor, will allow to place a lot of things that you need, for example to decompose working papers and quietly do the work, not saving space. Several years ago, it was almost impossible to choose a computer desk that fitted the design space. Design of the old computer table produced from chipboard, was carried out in most cases in a brown color scheme «under the tree.» Design of tables on the market today, is quite broad. This product is represented in absolutely any colors. A variety of shapes and sizes is also wide. You can choose a table under the strict design of the room by a wooden product with right angles, and the room in the style of «high-tech» choose a sleek computer desk with smooth body lines, made of metal and / or glass. But where, apparently, there is no possibility to install anything at all, the design of computer desks corner and able to refute such a conclusion.