Design of garage for the country house.

Many people leave town for the reasons that they do not have a garage. But this is certainly not the main reason. People used to be sought in the city, now are leaving it to live outside the city in the open air, in their own country house with a garden. They now have on a large free space in the absence of the neighbors a nice opportunity to park their car at their own place, that no one will take. And you can equip it to your discretion as you want, and no one can stop you. Whether you will build a garage, build a shed or simply create a parking lot — it’s up to you.

1. Underground garage
In order not to occupy too much space in the house, many build underground garage. It should be remembered that this garage from the very beginning should be incorporated into the project, later it is already impossible. And for such a garage you also need the absence of high groundwater.

2. Garage in the house
Another popular option is an above ground garage, a dedicated space for car in the house. Its construction is easier. Plan only a single entry and set the gates. It may be calculated for one or two cars. Its disadvantage is an occupied free area of the site and increasing cost of the house.

3. Detached garage
For those who already has a house, but does not yet have a garage, a great option would be detached garage. It is also actual for those living in an old house, who did not foresee that they need a garage. It may be a small brick building with iron gates or completely wooden. The easiest way for lazy ones is that the garage was built by hired workers.

4. Separate place with a shed
For those who want a simple and cost-effective option — is to build a shed. Cheap, fast, simple. But it occupies as much space as a closed garage and when it’s windy snow and rain will fall under it. But it is still better than if the car just stands under the sky.

5. The canopy over the entrance
Another option of a shed — above the entrance gate and behind them at the entrance to the cottage. This is convenient because the car does not have to go far and when stepping out of the car, you can hide from the rain. If the canopy goes up to the house, it is even better.

6. Area for car parking
Plan a place to park and provide it at first. Paving for parking looks either aesthetically pleasing, and it is reliable. Tile the entrance and the area, and then make a canopy. Or you can leave it without a shed as it is.