How to make a major overhaul of the garage.

Garage — is a favorite place for men who are busy with the car or just crafting something. The same as the kitchen for women.
Everybody knows that during the operation, from natural factors, all the buildings are in need of repair. Garage is no exception. Aggressive volatile substances, excessive moisture, temperature extremes: it all contributes to the destruction of the lining as of a whole structure and its individual parts.
At least once every six years you should do major repairs of the garage completely. But every summer, you can make cosmetic amendments to the structure and the interior of the garage.

Beginning the repair of the garage you must firstly inspect the entire structure as a whole. Maybe cracks will be revealed. They are the biggest threat to the walls, and it is necessary to take immediate action. After a full examination of all of the garage outside and inside, you need a plan of action. Think through all the material that may be required, and make an estimate. Although the latter is not necessary.

So all the cracks in the walls and in the corners should be covered with plaster and applied with a coat of primer. Gates are exposed the most common operation and require attention more than anything else. On examination of garage doors, certainly will be revealed areas that have begun to rust. To stop this process you should very carefully carry out cleaning with cloth, apply a good coat of primer and a coat of paint.
The most problematic place of every garage is the roof. It needs to be repaired constantly and efficiently. Any damage to the roof is considered to be a reason to start its overhaul. If this is not done, it is possible to get a fungus on the walls because of seasonal leaks. And if the roof is not overlapped for many years, it is recommended to block it again.
Floors in the garage can be simply poured with cement grout. This will allow you to eliminate all the little cracks and hide all the bumps. For this special mixture is diluted to equalize the sexes, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Special roller with spikes to level the mixture all over the floor and leave to dry for two days.

Well, this is almost everything concerning the repair of the garage. Now you only have to equip it. To make racks or shelves. To set the tool cabinet or to equip a relaxation area, where there will be a sofa or chair. In the refrigerator you can cool summer drinks and old TV will help to distract from fatigue and bring thoughts in order.