Comfort of living room depends on the hospitality of the hosts, but also a significant role in its creation plays comfortable and beautiful furniture. Choosing the right sofa seems a simple task, but if you can determine the right size quickly enough, the rest of the nuances are often baffled.

Choose a sofa for the living room
During a visit to a furniture showroom there is a dilemma in our minds: how to choose the appropriate model of sofa among presented variety of shapes, colors and textures. In addition, you should correctly attach priorities when it comes to the main purpose of this object in a living room setting. You need to decide whether a sofa would be an accent element or its features gently fit into the design of the space.

Buying desired sofa, we recommend to objectively evaluate relation of its value for money, because a thing which is too accessible cannot be truly valuable, and the furniture «for years» has a significantly higher price than that which you initially expect. In addition, it would be better if you will take into account the advice below in advance.

1. Sofa — is the heart of the living room, but if it is too large, then it can cause many inconveniences. Therefore, it is absolutely logical to note that sofa should be commensurate with the dimensions of the room in which it is placed. Spacious room — large furniture, and in a small living room should be installed neat compact furniture.

2. Style of the living room affects the choice of the sofa in the same way as the size of the room.

3. A good sofa harmoniously coexists with other pieces of furniture presented in the living room.
How to choose a two or three-seater sofa for the living room
Two or three seater sofa — a popular choice for small living room. In most cases, if you wish it can accommodate more than 3 guests, which makes it even more attractive.

Classic sofa
Classics is truly immortal and appropriate everywhere — this is a rule and it is always valid, whether referring to clothing, furniture or architectural elements.
Sofa in the classic sense may be neat, with clean lines, or with a twist, exposing the armrests — quilted cushions or upholstery. A characteristic feature of form of this object is a low, almost at the same level with armrests, back of the sofa.
If the room is made with a bias in classics, then pick a neutral color trim: light gray, beige, ivory, cream, coffee with milk. The pattern is most often missing or appears in blurred obscure motives, and attention is drawn to the more active cushions.

Material for frame of classic sofa should be wood, it may also protrude in some places, for example, in the form of carved legs or bases of the armrest. Upholstery can be jacquard, velor, leather or made of microfiber.