5 mistakes in interior design of the house: how to avoid them.

House — is the second place after work, where we spend the most time. And if there is little we can do with work environment (in the best case, to put on your desktop different memorable bagatelles), then to the interior of the house we come with our entire imagination and often commit characteristic design mistakes. Here are the top 5 most private interior design mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Self-color
Having read design magazines and watched specific programs, some people decide that if the color is in fashion, it is absolutely necessary that the entire room was decorated in the same color. So it turns out then: red walls, red curtains and pale pink furniture. In such a room, even the most mentally healthy person will feel a little (if not more) uncomfortable. Instead of making your house a monument to one color, select a few combining colors and make one bright accent.

2. Proportions
If you like the massive furniture in a classic style, it does not mean that it will look as good in your small studio apartment, as in spacious apartments, depicted in the furniture catalog. Picking up furniture, think about proportions and that the scenery should not come in on. A huge, occupying half of the room pretentious four-poster bed as absurd as small ottomans in the spacious living room.

3. Trash
Do we need furniture sets from 12 units to accommodate all our stuff? Excess of the furniture, without which it might well have been dispensed with, the apartment creates a feeling of clutter. Sometimes you just do not need a sofa in addition to the bed. It can be replaced with expanding chair in case guests arrive. And all personal belongings can fit in one cabinet, without the help of additional shelves. Absolute minimalism fits not to anyone, but some of its features can be brought into any interior.

4. Facelessness
Someone go to extremes with pink and red flats, but most in the same old way seeks to refuge in the homes of impersonal neutral shades. Pastel wallpaper, light brown furniture and gray carpets. Gloom and despondency. A little paint does not hurt, even if you are very traditional in your tastes. Add brightness to your apartment — and it will be nicer and more fun to come home.

5. Lighting
Thinking though the lighting in the apartment, you should take into account many factors: the location of the apartment (sunny or shady side), type of rooms, the color of the furniture, walls and floors, etc. Correctly chosen lighting will complement your interior, but lack or excess of the light can lead to a bad mood, and even headaches. In order the light played in your favor, use different types of lamps in different rooms, and pay attention to all these factors listed by us.