Top 3 principles of creation of the male interior
Modern interior design has many beautiful features especially for the stronger sex, most of whom prefer space that is functional, simple and convenient in the organization of the life process. Known direction of interior design, including integrated cabinets, unsubstituted planning, textural tones perfectly suit so interior of the male interior corresponded to the main preferences of men: that everything was in the public domain, but nothing cluttered up the room. What are the main principles of «den» of a true gentleman? In this article we will try to acquaint you with three basics of the male interior.

  1. Coloring
    In the men’s interior, as a rule, are used only two choices of color palette — neutral and monochrome. Neutral gamma — is beige, brown, gray and all shades of white that give interior decoration solidity and respectability. However, men in this room, sustained, for example, in classic gray shade, can form one, but extremely rich spot — for example, buy a bright red sofa, or decorate the wall with cheerful prints in acid colors. Monochrome range will suit for those members of the stronger sex, who prefer some particular color, and all sorts of its variations. A wonderful choice for the design of the interior — dark blue or green color and shade of burgundy.
  2. Open space
    Designers from New York not too long ago discovered the subjection between who plays the role of the customer of interior design and layout of housing. Directly men often like studio apartments and insist on merging building into one, maximum open space. It is comfortable when everything is at your fingertips and to move around the apartment you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort, it allows to combine several functions in one settlement. Making the kitchen-living-dining-bedroom, this room is sure to become the heart of the building.
  3. Extraordinary use of premises
    Even when is made a decision not to carry all the walls, making the living space in the studio apartment, no one will be on the road of the man, who has decided to modify the main functions of the rooms. For example, someone said that warmed terrace can not be added to the kitchen and turned into a department of the beloved bar with chairs? And the other bedroom can become the current cabinet, or a smoking room with a small table for hookah and considerable leather sofas.