How to make bedroom the most intimate room: tips that you can do and that you can not.

Examine showcases of linen
You NEED to start from searching a set of bed linen. Examine shop windows, because these beds are there not by accident. There you can see how these kits look. What style do you like most? Clear, white chic of the hotel? Peasant floral motifs on the quilt? Rich blankets with spicy patterns? Choose!

Do not deviate from the basic decor
DO NOT be afraid to deviate from the basic decor. Even if the rest of the home is modern and neutral, independent and private space, which is your bedroom — it is a great place to show your Moroccan essence! Or bohemian. Or retro Hollywood: tables with mirrors, white shaggy rugs, pink, frilly bedding and all that!

Do not save money on laundry
We NEED to make luxury a key moment. There is nothing more sexy and soothing at the same time than the first-class linen.
Choose high-quality sheets
DO NOT buy the sheets, that have more than 200 threads per square centimeter. Super-dense weave will retain body heat, not allowing the skin to breathe properly, which can be extremely unpleasant in the summer.

Use environmental funds
You NEED to use ecological powders and bleaches for washing linen. Mild detergent formula is not only good for the planet, but also for your skin. Stronger products can cause allergies or rash.

Do not turn the bedroom into the working space
You CAN NOT take work in the bedroom, except the case if you do work in bed because of a cold. Although, don’t you need to rest? Nothing makes the bedroom less calm than a pile of reports on the nightstand.

Solve the issue with TV
You NEED to take your own decision about TV in the bedroom. Some say that it has no place in the bedroom, but if for you the best way to unwind after work or late evening spoiled unsuccessful rendezvous — is to watch your favorite TV series, drinking herbal tea in your favorite flawless pajamas, do it. Just come down on the built-in plasma, so it does not clutter the space.

Do not make mess
We should not leave clothes on the floor and spread it on the furniture. If it was shot in a fit of passion, you have time until the morning. And then take it away. IMMEDIATELY!!!