Living room in a classic style.

Dignity and beauty in every detail — this is how you can describe the interior, embodied in classic style in few words. Living room decorated in this way, are created exclusively for individuals severe and faithful to the best traditions in design and architecture. In addition, this refined taste and understanding that timeless classics is out of competition and contest, comes with age, which is why among the followers of the classical canons are more people over middle age.

Fundamentals of classical style
To create an interior in a classical style is appropriate if your living room has a rather large size with high (three meters or more) ceilings and windows through which light will be abundant to fill the entire room. All the scenery of the living room should consist of good-quality, high-quality materials and pieces of furniture, which will cost you a good sum of money.
Classic living room — it is elegance in every subject, carefully considered proportions, elegant forms without pathos and extravagance.

Wood in classical interior is always used in furniture, flooring, decorative objects; upholstery fabrics, curtains, cushions and tapestries, as well, are made of silk, linen and cotton; metal elements are present in the lighting, decor.

If you are serious about realizing all the features of the classical style in the living room, you can not do without a fireplace in it. This facility should be here without reservation, since a priori is the heart of the living room.

Choosing a color palette
For the most part, when decorating the classic living room, are used light neutral shades: cream, pale pink, beige, light gray, soft blue, pale yellow, blur green that must be combined with a lot of white. Contrast is welcomed as a dark wooden furniture, lighting scaffolds, decorative knick-knacks.

Materials in facing of the surfaces
Floor is often stacked with natural parquet of high quality wood, with classical openwork or geometric pattern. You can also use the floorboard, but not too dark, or feeling of lightness of classic interior can evaporate.
Natural flooring is used not only due to its great aesthetic appeal, but it also performs a practical function, since such coverage is very durable. STL files