Small living room. 3 useful tips on choosing colors, furniture and lighting for small living room.

Small living room — it is always a challenge for owners of apartments or houses, because you want to make living room as cozy, welcoming, spacious and comfortable for the rest of the family and entertaining as possible.

1. Choice of color
In the design of a small living room color plays an important role. For a small living room will be suitable bright wallpaper with a fine infrequent pattern. They allow you to visually expand the boundaries of the premises. If the room has low ceilings, will suit wallpaper with vertical stripes and horizontal stripes, on the contrary, will visually expand the space.
You can dilute impersonality by means of colored or dark accents: accent wall, combining of wallpaper of different colors and shades. Use every wall decor with a functional purpose — mirrors can show the opposite wall, bright mural — to divert attention from low ceilings and small size of the room.

2. Choice of furniture
If the color of the walls has been selected, the next step — is selection of upholstered furniture. As in the design of a small bedroom, in the small living room it is better to use the style of minimalism. Of course, it would be desirable to have couch and a few chairs in the living room, that can comfortably accommodate a large company. But for a small living room it is better to stop on the choice of either a double sofa or several armchairs with poufs. So, upholstered furniture will not take up all the space and you can move freely around the room, and in the case of a large company — you can collect stools and chairs from other rooms. You should furnish the room at a minimum and the furniture should be characterized by its functionality with small dimensions — to have additional space for storing seasonal items.

3. Choice of lighting
It is important to choose the right lighting in the living room. The more light is in the room, the bigger it will visually appear. Chandelier is better to be complemented with a few more spotlights or lamps. Light curtains on the windows will provide maximum of natural light. Roman blinds will look good — they do not «steal» any centimeter of usable area by the window. But the heavy drapes, on the contrary, are out of place in the room of small size.
If possible, designers advise to combine kitchen and living room in one room (possibly separated by an arch), thus increasing the space, and with the methods of zoning the living room — to visually distinguish between two zones.